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This isn’t your typical motivational awareness program.

[project] AWAKE is a unique interactive experience that inspires students to realize their potential, challenges them to overcome self-destructive mediocrity, and empowers them to make positive choices that last a lifetime.


This year…

These statistics are more than just numbers, they tell a story about the choices and the realities our students face each day.

What are we going to do about it?

On Campus

Project Awake begins as a live theatrical production in the schools. Through dynamic storytelling and mind-bending performing arts, our production uniquely depicts the everyday lives of students. By highlighting their common challenges and showing the effects their choices have on one another, we create an opportunity for students to realize their similarities, gain respect for their differences, and unite to make their schools a better and safer place for all.


Project Awake continues the motivation online, where students can connect with Project Awake staff and volunteers, and gain access to online resources and media. They can also search our lists of local organizations that provide students with opportunities to use their talents and abilities to bring positive change to their communities.

[project] AWAKE is an initiative of abrasiveMedia.

abrasiveMedia’s mission to support artists and collaborative artistic endeavors includes an in-house production department for film and theater. Project Awake is abrasiveMedia’s inaugural theatrical production. For more information about abrasiveMedia please visit
Justin Harvey is the creator and director of Project Awake. With over 20 years experience as an actor, martial artist, and stuntman, Justin has numerous film and theater credits as well as directorial experience with two internationally touring stage shows. Justin’s professional experience includes 8 years as the CEO of a brand consulting firm and 2 years as a manager for a Fortune 500 media company.


Producing a program of this quality and magnitude takes a lot of talent, expertise and equipment. Our development and inaugural year touring budget is just a fraction of a typical Broadway production. Once fully funded, this program can be in our schools within 6 months, helping countless students defy the statistics, discover their value, and realize their potential.

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Your contribution goes directly to producing Project Awake. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. We’re also offering some great incentives to those who support Project Awake during this stage of development:

*Must be appropriate for all audiences. **Subject to touring dates and locations.

Support Project Awake at Project Awake

Donate to Project Awake directly via Paypal

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